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About this Blog

I am tired of today's blogs and websites. No matter where you go, you have to click countless pop-ups away, simply to get to the content. I think there are 2 reasons that led to this situation:

We can't do a lot against the regulations. We need to live with it. You must ask your website visitor for permission if you collect any kind of data.

It's completely understandable that someone with a blog wants to earn some money for the effort they put into it. But does the strategy to sell things really need to be that offensive? Do you really need to display multiple pop-ups to earn some money from the visitors? I don't know.

I don't know where this blog is going. I don't know what I will publish in feature. I want it to be an experiment.

My initial experiment is to do some affiliate marketing. I promote some products by writing reviews. I will earn a small commission if people end up buying the product. I want to find out if affiliate marketing without pop-ups, without e-mail marketing and without any other offensive strategy could work. I will write about my results after some time - come back to check it out!

If you have any questions, any recommendations or ideas, please contact me: